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A coursework is a written work which is done by students during a course or degree. It is usually evaluated in order to count for final marks or grades. A coursework is a chance for the students to showcase his/her scholarly abilities. Perhaps it is just as perplexing as exams but in different ways. Universities allot ample amount of time for the students to complete it and thus, higher standards are expected from them in their coursework. A successful coursework needs careful organization and appropriate research. Also, strong data-collection skills and writing skills are required. The objectives of coursework differ from one subject to another. But there is typically an emphasis on students to conduct an extensive research on the topic of their own choice. Therefore, coursework takes the form of analysis. Before the students start to work on their coursework, they have to understand some rules.

  • No plagiarism: Students should make sure that they do not copy anything from the internet. Everything should be in their own words.
  • Word count: Students should check the word count and stick to it. They also need to check whether the footnotes, bibliographies, and appendices are included or not.
  • Take help from teachers: They can deliver guidance on the format of the coursework.

Writing a coursework is a difficult task for the students. Many students face problems while writing their coursework. Some of them are:

  • Time management: It is difficult for a student to prepare coursework for each subject, complete all the assignments and prepare for their exams as well. Students are not able to manage their time because they have much coursework running in parallel.
  • Research skills: Many universities provide their students with relevant information. Some students have to do appropriate research for their coursework.
  • Other factors: Students have to cope with emotional factors like stress, tension, and anxiety.

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