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An essay can be both a short and a long piece of writing on a specific theme or subject. The writings are usually prose which is analytical, speculative and interpretative. The origin of the term essay is the French term “essayer” which stands for “an attempt or try”. The essayists celebrated for their essays are Michel de Montaigne, Sir Francis Bacon, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. The first essays to be written consisted of the contents on agony and idleness in which the writer described his comprehension of the subject and the emotions that he experienced. Therefore, the essays are generally written to display the writer’s personal point of view which is validated through evidence and facts to persuade the readers to agree. There are no restrictions on the essayist to stick to the one type of essay, he/she can narrate an incident or describe a place or person through narrative or descriptive essays. The essay can be also read as a short story to know the main themes of a novel. In the field of English literature, the critiques of the novels write essays through which the reader can get an idea of the main characters and incidents that are or initiate the turning point in the novel.
The problems that the students face in essay writing is generally related to the construction of paragraphs, sometimes in the flow, the writer of the essay forgets to break the whole content into smaller paragraphs so that it looks presentable and the main points have their own different sections. The students encounter difficulty in the introduction part of the essay because if the starting is not right, the content to be followed will share the same fate. The grammatical and punctuation errors are common to all the students as they are still learning to write, however, they do not attempt to increase their vocabulary via reading or practice more on the writing front to minimize such errors.
Our custom essay writing service is a boon to the students who do not have enough time on their hands to draft an essay or are simply not good in the writing department. Our writers take into account the suggestions and the instructions given by the customers so that the essay constructed has as many contributions from the one who was primarily assigned to the task. The advantages that our customers will have after availing our service are:

  • 100% unique content: The essays drafted by the professionals are constructed from the scratch. The points and the arguments are not stale as the past work written on the topic is only used as a citation.
  • 100% customer satisfaction: The customer care department of our website is active 24/7 to assist the clients in their hours of need. The questions and the problems asked by the clients never go unanswered or unsolved. The writers are easily accessible to the customers for them to get timely updates on the work.
  • 100% Native-English writers: The writers selected by our service are recruited on the basis of their quality works and their ability to write in fluent English. They keep themselves in sync with the ever-developing language of English.

Send us an E-mail specifying the details and the points that you want your work to include and our writers will revolve their life around producing the best custom essay.

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