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A dissertation is a long piece of write-up about a specific subject which is allotted to the students so that they can earn an advanced degree at a university. Dissertations are organized differently from essays and they are expected to include authentic research of academic quality. Some dissertation comprises of primary research such as surveys, laboratory studies, or a case study conducted by a writer. Every dissertation takes into account of one or more essential chapters, an introduction, and a conclusion.

  • Title page: It includes your name, roll number, department, degree level, title and the date of submission.
  • Table of contents: It will list the topic and their page number.
  • Introduction: It basically explains the outline what the student is doing in the dissertation, why the topic has been chosen, and how the dissertation will be structured.
  • Methodology: It consists of primary research. It can be qualitative or quantitative. The significance of this section will vary with various disciplines.
  • Literature review: It will survey the current state of the literature on the areas of the dissertation. It is a deep study of the dissertation.
  • Conclusion: It should summarize the points which are made in the argument and also provide a creation of thought.

Dissertation writing is a process by which students can carry out an independent research. Following are the problems faced by students:

  • The commencement of dissertation is often a big issue for the students. The students fear that their task will not be finished on time and they will not be able to submit their dissertation on time.
  • Writing a thesis statement is also an issue for the students. A thesis statement maintains the objective of the research project.
  • They also face an issue of time crunch. Maintaining the balance between the research project and other assignments is a tough task for the students.

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