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Finance is a subject that deals with the study of investment. It can also be termed as a science of money management. It includes the dynamics of economic resource and accountability over time under conditions of various degrees of risk and uncertainty. It can be categorized into three different sub categories: corporate finance, public finance, and personal finance. Corporate finance consists of financial activities related to running a corporation generally with bisection or department set up to inspect the financial activities. Corporate finance is concerned with expanding shareholder value through short term and long term finance. Public finance is the study of the role of the government in the economy. It is the branch of economics which determines the government expenditure, government revenue of the public authorities. Personal finance is the financial management which an individual or a family unit performs for budget, saving and spending monetary resources, taking into an account various future life events and financial risks. Finance is the management of huge amount of money, especially by highly reputed companies or government. It is highly dependent on the collection, analysis of data on money flows maintenance. It is the most indispensable level, finance is the business discipline concerned with managing money efficiently.
Students face numerous complications regarding their finance homework; they find difficulty in understanding the basic concepts and terminologies. This develops a fear towards the subjects and they won’t be able to complete their homework. Mathematics plays a key role in the subjects like accountancy and finance that is why they get stuck in calculation while solving problems related to finance. Most of the students find difficulty in solving graphical representations. Finance assignments must be accurate. Minute mistakes while doing your homework leads to major variations from the actual solutions. Most of the students find difficulty in problems of budgeting and taxation.
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