Describe the subculture you have identified in this community.

Write a Final Paper focusing on diversity in healthcare organizations and Homeless people to include military veterans. The focus of your paper must be a subculture of people that exists within your local community. The subculture you chose should represent a minority group. Remember, the term “minority” in this context refers to more than race.For example, depending on the community, a minority subculture could be the poor, a religious group, or other group of people who share a common bond.You will complete this assignment by responding to the following:• Describe the community you have chosen to write about. What are the demographics of the people who live there? What types of health services are available? If you live in a very small community, expand the boundaries of the community to include the hospitals, healthcare providers, etc. used by the people in this area.• Describe the subculture you have identified in this community. Include the values, beliefs, practices, and other aspects of culture that influence the health and health practices of the group you have selected. Identify any specific health problems or health issues experienced by the group. Your description should be based on the literature and may include your own experiences. Are there any health service programs available in the community designed to meet the needs of this population?• If you were to create an “ideal system” that would exemplify culturally competent healthcare for this subculture in your community, what would it be like? Your response should address the community at large and the entire healthcare continuum as it relates to your subculture. For example, you should include ambulatory and preventative services such as doctor’s offices, acute care services such as hospitals, and long term care services such as nursing homes.Write an 8–10 page paper (using APA format) with references.

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