Discuss advantages and challenges.

Part of the assigned readings in your textbook this week concerns informatics. Nursing informatics is directed toward information science and focused on systems that process and deliver data and information (Kearney-Nunnery 2012). Essential IV of the BSN Essentials (American Association of Colleges of Nursing 2008) Information Management and Application of Patient Care Technology states that baccalaureate-prepared nurses should have the skills necessary to demonstrate competence in searching and retrieving information and using patient care technology as well as computerized information systems.
THis written assignment is to be completed according the APA format for scholarly papers. Review the YoutTube videos for information on seeting up an APA paper.
In a 3 to 5 page paper (excluding the title and reference page):
1. Define and Discuss Informatics
2.Discuss the Theory of Informatics.
3. Give examples of informatics being used in hospitals clinics freestanding diagnostic centers freestanding laboratorys quality control tools. What types of informatics (programs and concepts) are reflected in the literature?
4. Discuss advantages and challenges.
5. Describe a couple of these future developments and discuss their impact on and uses in healthcare.
6. A conclusion is a summary of what was stated in the paper. For this assignment in a addition to your summary you are to include your personal thoughts about the use of infomatics in healthcare identify your experience with informatics and what do you see as your needs to advance you knowledge of tools available to utilize the concept of informatics in health care delivery.
7. This assignment will require peer-reviewed research. A minimum of 4 references is required. See the tutorials on using the library and the article on What Is A Peer Reviewed Article. You may use you text book but it is not a peer reviewed journal.
8. Nursing journals are preferred but other professional peer reviewed journals are acceptable.

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