[Get Answer] essay example pros and cons of a political dynasty

Political dynasty is common not only in our country but also in other parts of the world. It has advantages and disadvantages that may affect the community and the people as well. One of the advantages of this is that since the sons, wives or any other members of the same family in government positions have enough background on politics and well-versed in governance, they know how to care and deal with the people and they know how to work with the government since they are a familiar with it because of their relatives.

Being familiar in leading people is a big factor. This helps a lot in becoming a good leader. These dynasties came about because of the votes of the people because the latter know that these set of political families can help them improve their lives. This is a good thing especially if the family has a good track record in their services and maintains integrity in their office.

Most of these dynasties have been in power for decades and are being tolerated by their constituents since continuity in governance and policies are good for the communities they serve which is unlike in diverse political traders in a particular province, each has his own agenda that may not be congruent to the development of the province. But of course, there are also disadvantages of having political dynasties in a country. It seems that families of influence continue to shape the direction of a certain country.

Presidents rise and fall but the same people continue to rule. Being career politicians is pretty much a family business at this point where every new offspring is expected to follow in his or her parent’s footsteps and ensure that the cash flow continues. These political families have gathered enough wealth and sources to ensure that they win any election whether through the strength of the family name or through more “creative” electoral strategies.

The bad side of political dynasty is when a corrupt family rules a certain place or certain country, the tendency is that corruption is being tolerated and passed from one generation to another. At the end of the day, the people will be the one to choose the leaders they want to lead. They must exercise their right to vote and enjoy the democracy of our country. The main thing they must do is to vote wisely.

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