[Get Answer] imprisoned on first offense

Every 53 Minutes a Drunk Driver Kills Someone Drunk drivers should be imprisoned on the first offense because people get killed/injured daily. Drinking and driving is against the law in the state of Hawaii. It is horrible to see a family lose a loved one in an alcohol related automobile accident. If you refuse to take the chemical test on the first offense the police will take your license away for one year. If the police catches you drinking and driving again the years of your license being in their hands will double.

Being drunk behind the wheel 1st offense will lead you to either jail (no minimum time), 2nd offense 240 hours of community service, or 3rd offense the police will sentence you to jail for ten days. Ten days in jail is not good enough. Drunk drivers should be imprisoned after being positive for drunk driving because it is against the law. They’re many of laws that people may break but drinking and driving is one of the leading causes of automobile related deaths. I have asked people who drink alcohol and ones who don’t, what do they think should drunk drivers should be imprisoned on the first offense?

The people who drink alcohol didn’t think it was right. They thought that it would be wrong because people all around the world break laws and don’t get sent to prison on the first offense. The ones that don’t drink think yes, they should be sent to prison because people should know by now what alcohol can do to you and how alcohol can control the body. Another reason would be many of people die all the time from drinking and driving and maybe sentencing the drunk drivers to prison on the first offense could give drinkers a wake up call.

Lets take stealing for an instance: Stealing is against the law. Robberies happen all the time, but the company can get what the robber stole back. If someone were to drive under the influence of alcohol and kill someone you love, you can’t get that persons life back. If the state of Hawaii were to change the law and say that you will get sentenced to prison on the first offense then that would give the people who like to drink a wake up call because they will see how important is it to not drink and drive. When you do drink and drive you are putting every living creature at risk.

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