[Get Answer] irish immigarnts and poverty essays

“A family evicted by their landlords” is an image that was taken in the 19th century.This image was created in Ireland before the Irish started to immigrate to America.The image includes two houses, ten people, furniture and a pile of branches.The people in this photo are dressed differently according to their race.The British who are the landlords in the photo are dressed in a uniform with shoes.The Irish family, who is being evicted, is dressed in raggedy cloths and the children in the photo are barefooted.The British are facing towards the outside of the house, while the Irish are facing towards the British in the direction in which the camera was shot. The condition of the image is that the Irish are being evicted by the British who are their landlords. This photograph emphasizes the poverty in which certain people are suffering through everyday.During the 19th century, many Irish suffered poverty before they decided to immigrate to America.The author attempts to send the message that poverty was a big issue that Irish suffered in Ireland before they made the big decision to immigrate to America. The people being evicted in the photo are Irish and they are going through the same thing.Their eviction and the way they are dressed indicates how wealthy they are.This photo represents disenchantment, sorrow and misfortune, which are the feelings the author wanted his audience to invoke about the photo.What is unique about this photo is how the artist uses the camera angle in the direction towards the Irish for his or her desire.You can see the Irish faces more than you can see the British who are the landlords, which can add another meaning of why this photo was taken. Historically, the main purpose of this image was to inform the audience of the poverty Irish faced during the 19th century particularly in Ireland.The political issue is the predicament in which the Ireland i…

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