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Police Work And Related William claude dukenfields Essay, Research Paper

Police Work and Related William claude dukenfields

Bryan Watson

Block F

December 1 1995

CO-OP Christmas test

1. The on the job conditions of a police officer can change from easy to

nerve-racking state of affairss where the officers life and the lives of others are

threatened. The officer must cover with these state of affairss in the manner they feel is

best but sometimes the officer can non cover with this state of affairs on their ain and

they have to name in backup enchantress can assist them cover with the state of affairs.


In these times of alteration many work topographic points are happening it necessary to alter

the ways in which they do concern. The RCMP for illustration are traveling into a more

community based policing. This makes the constabulary more accessible to the community.

In this new system the RCMP attempt to work out the job if they are repeatedly

called to the same place for domestic differences they will remain for how of all time long

it takes to happen the path of the job, where as if they were to meet

the same state of affairs their policy was to get in two proceedingss and remain for 20

proceedingss. This new plan is the get downing phases and already it has had great

reappraisals and great public support, as it brings the constabulary closer to the

community. Another portion of this community based policing is that there are offense

bar comities that are run by assorted community groups that have monthly

meetings with the constabulary. A police officer starts their calling with on the occupation

preparation and so they move on to go a constable where they must be able to

relocate to any portion of the state where they are positioned. In order for an

officer to progress tier calling they may hold to exchange divisions where their

callings may stand out. The work values for a constabulary officer is to continue the jurisprudence,

patrol assigned countries and maintain public safety. They besides participate in

public information groups and safety plans.

2. The nature of the work is ever altering as offenses are going more and

more sophisticated, every bit good as there is no set times that any offenses will go on

so their occupations are ever different. The occupation of a constabulary officer is ever

different as they could be speaking to assorted groups on any figure of subjects.

They could besides be attesting in tribunal in relation to an probe they

participated in. Military officers may besides take calls on state of affairss in which they can

provide reding to the company until aid arrives or supply necessary

Numberss of shelters and nutrient Bankss.

3. The mentality in this field is good although an officer could travel through the

six month developing plan at the ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE Training

installations in Regina Saskatchewan, but when an officer is finished they are non

needfully guaranteed a occupation as the RCMP as the officers are selected as to

their qualities and what degrees that you may hold from universities or colleges.

This preparation that you receive may be utile in happening a calling in a metropolis or

provincial constabulary section.


The jutting growing in the field of jurisprudence enforcement from the old ages 1995-

2000 is 0.65% and the jutting growing rate for commissioned constabulary officers is

0.72% from the old ages 1995-2000. This doesn’t needfully intend that there will be

more demand for commissioned constabulary officers as the populace is more and more

dissatisfied with the RCMP and other constabulary organisations. This information was

provided from the Canadian Occupational projection system ( COPS ) . Commissioned

constabulary officers work for the municipal, provincial and Federal bureaus.

4. The get downing wage for a police officer in at entry degree is about $ 30,000

and the mean annual pay of a regular officer is

around $ 49,000 and those at

the top of the field can gain up to $ 64,000 per twelvemonth. Commissioned officers earn

at entry degree $ 50,000 and the mean commissioned officer earns $ 66,000 while

those at the top of the field earn up to $ 80,000.

5. Qualifications and or accomplishments that would assist a individual to go a constabulary

officer are sense of duty, successful completion of CPR classs and

survival swimming classs. You must besides hold a high school sheepskin and if you

hold any station secondary instruction it would surely be an plus if it is a

grade in societal scientific disciplines such as sociology and or criminology. At the clip of

entry into the RCMP preparation installation you must besides hold a valid drivers license

and before you are allowed to drive a patrol auto ( one time you have been posted ) you

must hold at least 16,000 kilometer of driving experience.

6. Some spin off Fieldss of work that a police officer can utilize his/her preparation

or accomplishments in are:

Police officer


Commissioned constabularies officer

^ ^

Private Detective Sheriffs and Bailiffs

^ ^

Store Detective Security Guards

7. Some advantages and disadvantages that are associated with this field of work

as stated by officers in the field are:


– A sense of good for assisting others

– The assortment of the occupation in each twenty-four hours

– Bing able to assist persons who are victims of a offense or

An accident.

– being able to run into all sorts of different people


– The chance of hurt or decease on the occupation

– Working darks, weekends, and vacations

– being on call 24 hours a twenty-four hours

– Working long hours during an exigency

– Traveling around the state

8. Post secondary instruction that is required for the occupation of a constabulary officer

are: A grade in sociology and or criminology, preparation at the RCMP preparation

installation in Regina or you could go to Holland college in PEI ( Which is a

developing installation were officers for metropolis and commissioned officers ) You should

besides attend a university were you could have a grade in sociology or

criminology. Entrance demands for in enchantment into these classs at

universities are English and it is suggested that you have a high school recognition

for sociology, modern word jobs and jurisprudence.

9. Questions that you should inquire yourself before perusing a calling as a Police

Military officer are:

a ) Do I have the necessary instruction to Perdue this calling?

B ) Can I preform the to physical and mental demands of the occupation?

C ) Can I adjust to another portion of the state if I am transferred?

D ) Can I manage traveling to a offense scene where there is a victim of a homicide or


vitamin E ) Can I preform under a great trade of emphasis?

F ) Can I preform to the societal and mental demands of this occupation?

G ) Can I maintain my physical status within the parametric quantities of the occupation?

H ) how will this occupation consequence my present and or future household?

I ) could I attest in tribunal and participats in community outreach plans


10.Steps that I will necessitate to take to better Perdue this calling are: To analyze

harder at my school work, take and go through both a CPR and survival swimming class,

I must besides acquire my physical status up to the necessary degrees and maintain

that degree for the continuance of my being a constabulary officer.


Discover plan on the web at A.D.H.S,1995

Saint Mary’s 1995-96 school calender – from pupil services.

Talking with officers in the fiel on how they feel about thier occupation and what is

required of them on the occupation.

Post secondary instruction twenty-four hours in the gym on the 29th of November I talked with a

representative of Holland college

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