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Poverty in America Poverty, the state of being extremely poor, exists all over America! There are several different types of poverty, and the causes of poverty. Most people think of poverty as just somebody who is homeless and has no job, somebody who has no money to support the basic needs of life, and wears ragged clothing and lives under a bridge. What people don’t know is there are people living in poverty that have jobs and make money but live so poorly that they are categorized with people that live in absolute poverty.

There is two main types of poverty, absolute poverty, and relative poverty. Absolute poverty is when a house hold takes in less than one U. S. dollar a day, meaning that they will not be able to buy food nor be able to buy the medicine they need to survive, and will most likely have poor clothing and a poor living environment. One of the best ways we can help with the absolute poverty would be to encourage and support the development of effective businesses (small, medium, and large) to make good use of our natural resources to create wealth and jobs for the people living in absolute poverty.

Now for Relative poverty, it happens when a person has a little bit of money but otherwise the quality of the person’s life is not very good. For example, not having access to affordable social services like schooling, health care, medicines, sanitation, transportation, or even safe drinking water. A way we can help out people facing relative poverty is to make sure that people have access to affordable and good quality social services. Where they can feel secure and safe around their peers and can trust people.

Overpopulation can be a main reason of poverty in America, due to the lack of an adequate education system and the income of money that comes into the families. It is pretty well know that overpopulated communities generally do not have very good education systems. Also living in an over populated poverty stricken community can have many other problems that follow other than the lack of adequate education provided to people, such as a very high crime rates. For example, “in December 2008, just a few months after the U. S. inancial system imploded, New York City, which is an over populated community was hit by a flurry of bank robberies. The day before new years, four banks were attacked and robbed in a time frame of an hour and a half, one of which took place just steps from the Lincoln Center in downtown Manhattan. ” One other trouble can come from over populated communities living in poverty is there is a big decline in water availability and food, leaving people to starve and dehydrate much quicker than usual. Immigration can also play a major key in people living in poverty.

Added to the fact that many places around the border may be over populated already, people that illegally enter the United States can make it that much more difficult. For example when they arrive, they need a place to stay, which is a hard thing to do in the first place if it is over populated. The majority of the time they won’t find a free place to stay at, so they will need a source of income. They will not be able to get a job because of how they came over here illegally, resulting in them working illegally for somebody, but for a much cheaper price than people who work legally to support their families.

With all that going on, people will start to lose some of their jobs due to the fact that there is other people working for a much cheaper price and probably more hours than the citizens working legally to support their families, and more and more people will start to fall into poverty. Sometimes poverty can be caused by peoples own actions and how they decided to live their own life. For example, a drug addiction. Drugs are so readily available and so easy to get hooked on, that the drugs can just take over a person’s life.

Many homeless people are homeless due to the fact that they are addicted to a drug or even several types of drugs. Once you get hooked on it, you feel like you need it all the time, like you can’t live life without it. Resulting in the person addicted to the drug to keep going always going back to buy more and more of the substance. Besides the fact of it messing up your life and driving you into poverty, it can also effect the people around you and drive them into financial troubles if they decide to help you out and provide you with money.

Children living in poverty are a very big issue in my opinion! Nearly 16 million children in the United States which is around 22 percent of all children are living in families with incomes below the federal poverty level, which is around 20,000 dollars a year! Families need about twice that amount of income to cover the basic expenses of living. Most of the children have parents who work, but have really low wages and their employment is very unstable leaving them struggling to make ends meet.

Children that live in poverty can really affect their ability to learn, contribute to society and have emotional and behavioral problems. Children that grow up in poverty also have poor health and mental issues. Poverty is one of the single greatest threats to a child’s well-being. A parent can really help a child out with their low income job, if they just try to use most of the money they make on their child’s educational experiences. Poverty is everywhere in America, and there will always be poverty. Nobody has found a solution to it.

If you live in a city you will probably see it every day. A lot of times people do not have a choice to live in poverty, but majority of the time a person always has the option one time or another in his life to take the right path to be a successful person in the world. They just don’t know how to do it. So I believe one solution would be for an organization to help guide children living in poverty, to make the right choices and take the right paths in life. If that happens I believe the poverty levels in America will start to decrease year after year as the organization grows.

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