[Get Answer] presidents of the united states

Election day is right around the corner. On November 7, 2000 American

citizens will be voting whether they want George W. Bush as our president or Al

Gore . Both candidate are well qualified for the job. As Alan Litchman said “ you

have to have a certain basic level of intelligence.” Al Gore has been our vice

president for the past eight years and Mr. Bush is currently the Governor of

George W. Bush and his running mate for vice president Dick Cheney are

representing the Republican party. Mr.Bush has many plans for taxes such as:

a portion of taxes should go to retirement, no one should have to pay more than

a third of their pay check to taxes, eliminate the death tax, and to double the

child deduction. He also wants to strengthen medicare by making prescription

drugs affordable and available to senior citizens. He wants local government to

have control of schools. He thinks that the military should get better pay and

For the Democratic party Al Gore and running mate Joe Lieberman plan

to continue to build on past successes. The Democratic Convention opens

Monday in Los Angeles, but Gore will not give his acceptance speech until

Thursday. Gore wants to distance himself from President Clinton with the

words such as “fresh start” with regard to the Clinton scandals. Gore believes

that that George’s budgets don’t balance, because of a huge tax give aways to

the wealthy instead of the middle class, and large deficits that can lead to high

interest rates. Gore is also trying to burden the Bush campaign with voters’

memories of thehigh unemployment rates and weak economic growth that

helped drive his father from the White House in 1992.

I think which ever candidate is chosen for President will have many

challenges in bringing respect and trust back into the Oval office.

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