[Get Answer] prevention is better than cure

A proverb is a well-known short saying that gives good advice. As there are many languages in the world, there are many proverbs. These proverbs are words of wisdom and if we really understand and follow them, our work will be made smoother and easier, we will commit fewer mistakes and we will be able to lead a better more successful life. Of all these proverbs, none is truer and wiser than the proverb” Prevention is better than cure”. This is one of the earliest proverbs we learn from our environment.

The saying “Prevention is better than cure” literally means that it is better to prevent a disease than to cure it. It is a wise saying because once a person contracts a disease; it takes a lot of time and money to recover health. Everyone should always bear in mind to take great care of his own health throughout his life before misfortunes comes. Moreover, in many cases, the disease leaves some evil effect behind and that person can never regain his former condition. Prevention brings many advantages. Prevention is less costly than cure.

It saves not only time and money but also man power. It also educates people how to avoid diseases and how to live a healthy life. That saying can be applied to many things. In human’s character, any bad character shall be avoided before it is formed. Eradicating and changing bad behavior or character is a must, before it has been formed. In the same way, living in poverty by self-control is nicer than becoming poor in debt by waste a lot. Health, the greatest value, can neither be purchased nor exchanged with any amount of money.

There is no better way to keep good health except only prevention. Human’s power of reasoning or foresight can be well applied for his own benefit. Man can calculate the difficulties and adopt some means to avoid them. It is better to prevent a loss than to repair it. Better to prevent danger than to overcome it. Better not to commit a crime than to serve a sentence. So a person must have foresight if he wants to prevent something bad from happening. Hence, prevention should be applied to every aspect of human’s environment, as the global problem.

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