[Get Answer] world politics could iran help the us stabilize iraq

World Politics, “Could Iran help the US stabilize Iraq?”


            U.S.Iraq War of 2003, military action led by the United States against the regime of Saddam Hussein, the authoritarian leader of Iraq. Announcing the beginning of the war in March 2003, U.S. president George W. Bush explained that the goals were to “disarm Iraq [and] to free its people.” President Bush had threatened war for months, arguing that Saddam Hussein’s regime posed a grave threat to U.S. security and peace in the region because of its alleged pursuit of weapons of mass destruction.

            After the success in toppling down Saddam Hussein it is now time to re-construct the distraction created by war and United States. The drawdown of US troops from Iraq requires Iran’s cooperation. Iran has the longest border with Iraq and dominates Iraq’s heavily populated east. In a crisis, it could easily close the sea lanes through which most US military supplies reach Iraq. It has longstanding relations with a broad range of Iraqi political groups. ( Cobban, 2006) However, this issues become more hot if Iran are willing to help US on not?

            After reading all the sources and analyzed I have found out that Iran are not willing to help US in stabilizing the situation in Iraq. However, there is some leader in Iran who is telling to the media that they are willing to talk to US with some consideration that the US might agree during the negotiations process.

The Iran point of view why they will not support US this time around:

            First, No, in the since that Iran and the US are laying down irreconcilable, maximalist positions that reflect very different worldviews about what such contact should achieve. Mr. Bush was to set aside his approach to Iran as part of an “axis of evil. (Scott Peterson, 2006)

Second, according to   Amir Mohebian, “now is not the best time for Iran to help because American intent is only to solve the problems of the US in Iraq and not those of Iran”  He further said that “If the US wants to solve its problems in Iraq, it must see that as a package” of issues with Iran. “The US should consider Iran’s new position in the region; not just as one country, but as a regional power.” (Scott Peterson, 2006)

            In my own analysis the Iran wanted the committed of US to be true to their words because it has been their experience before that help US but in return they are still bad in their eyes. The US is not considering the help they give but they see their negative side.

            An example of this situation is on Afghanistan in 2001, when Iran helped the US defeat the Taliban and push out Al Qaeda with extensive intelligence and diplomatic aid, only to be labeled part of the “axis of evil” weeks later. (Scott Peterson, 2006)

With this Iran said now, if Iran helps the US contain the violence in Iraq, and afterward the US has a free hand, then ‘OK, we’re going to bomb you now. You are the next target,’ “says Mr.HadianJazy.”They should know which road they are putting a step in. They want to be sure. “The Iran leaders said “It’s a game. We think the US wants to use Iranian power to solve their problem in Iraq before the presidential election in 2008,” says Mr. Mohebian. “After victory … then it will be back to the old ‘axis of evil.”. (Scott Peterson, 2006)

Third, Iran doesn’t want is an all out civil war that can expand to a regional conflict.  This is where Iran’s self interest comes into play.     Although the Shias have become the dominant force in Iraq, the Sunni minority could potentially drag other Sunni dominated countries into a civil war – most importantly Saudi Arabia.  You can quickly see how neighboring countries could be pulled into this conflict depending on their Sunni/Shia makeup.  Yes, although Iran likes us bogged down in Iraq, a full scale Iraq civil war is not in their interest. (Vogt, 2006)

The Iran does not want some misunderstanding with their neighboring region that they build for a longer time. The Iran in this time is looking for the importance of having a neighbor that they can help each other in developing their economy.

Now tell me if your are an Iranian with the incident above are you still willing to help after the bad experienced that disgust your trust and thinking that they are the super power country. However, they are not closing their door for possible negotiation impact they sending some letter through the ambassador to White House that they are willing to set down and talk for possible help they can extend to US . But the negotiation would have some conditions.

Manouchehr Mottaki, Iranian Foreign Minister said that it would only offer its help if Washington changed its attitude towards Tehran.  (alClick , 2006). I US will change its attitude, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to help this administration. “First, and most essential, is announcing they have decided to withdraw from Iraq,” Mottaki said, adding that “we don’t see the political will in the United States yet.” “When they have said they have decided to withdraw from Iraq, then we will explain how the region can help,” Mottaki said. “The essential thing is to have a realistic picture of the current situation in Iraq.” ( Al Jazeera Magazine Online Edition , 2006).

Other point of view

“Fundamentally, the Bush administration refuses to have comprehensive talks with the Iranians,” says a Western diplomat, noting that US officials continue to say that Iran is a top state sponsor of terrorism and that its nuclear-power program is a cover to build atomic weapons. Iran rejects those charges. “But even if you plan to get in some sort of contact, it makes sense to say ‘never,’ ” as an initial bargaining stance, says the diplomat. (Scott Peterson, 2006).


            The Iran made their decision to say no to US and expresses their reasons why they are sided for no. However they are still open for further negotiation with the US government to help succeed their plan in drawdown of US troops from Iraq. But the US would not settle down with Iran especially if the condition is about the issues of TEHRAN the place of Iran where they believed that atomic bomb where process to threaten other nations.

            The no answers of Iran justifies their interest and is based on their bad experienced with the US against the war of other country which Iran help US and at the end they turn out still negative. However, US on the other hand have also their reasons why they did it before .The US government will not act and decide if it can harm the other country especially if those can countries help them in times of need. Maybe there is a need of deep meditation before deciding to whatever issues that can harm the ordinary citizens who are directly affected to what ever wrong done by the leader.


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