How do perceptions influence individual behavior?

MGT/230 Management Theory and Practice
Chapter 14-18 – Please provide 50-100 word answers for each question
What is the nature of leadership? BE SURE YOU CAN: define power illustrate 3 types of position power and discuss how managers use each illustrate 3 types of personal powers and discuss how managers use each.
What are the important leadership traits and behaviors? BE SURE YOU CAN: contrast the trait leadership behavior approaches to leadership research identify 5 personal traits of successful leaders and describe behaviors associated with four classic leadership styles.
Can someone who is a leader not be a manager? Why or why not? Can someone who is a manager not be a leader? Why or why not?
How do perceptions influence individual behavior? BESURE YOU CAN: define perception explain benefits of a healthy psychological contract define stereotype halo effect selective perception and projection and explain how each can adversely affect work behavior.
How do individual needs influence motivation? BE SURE YOU CAN: define motivation and needs describe work practices that satisfy higher-order and lower order needs in Maslows hierarchy
Contrast Maslows hierarchy with ERG theory describe work conditions that satisfy people with a high need for achievement.
What are teams and how do they fit in organizations? BE SURE YOU CAN: define team and teamwork explain why interdependence is a key characteristic of teams and identify four roles managers perform in teams discuss the implications of social loafing.
What is the communications process? BE SURE YOU CAN: describe the communication process and identify its key componenets differentiate between effective and efficient communication list the common sources of noise that limit effective communication explain how mixed messages interfere with communication.
How can we improve collaboration through communication? BE SURE YOU CAN: explain how transparency and openness improves communication explain how interactive management and practices like structured meetings can improve upward communication and define active listening ad active listening rules.

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