Provide a summary at the end of the project to discuss the results of your project.

Health Behavior Project— Students will identify a health behavior of their own that they would like to modify (either increase or decrease). Examples may include, but are not limited to: eating habits, smoking, drinking, exercise, sleep, stress. Students will be required to complete the following activities as part of the behavior change project: 1. Identify the behavior you wish to change. Write a description of the health problem you have selected. Using at least three peer-reviewed journals, provide support for the reason you would like to change this behavior. 2. Identify how the behavior will be assessed or measured. Give at least three assessment tools to help identify the need for a behavior change. You can use assessments from textbooks, web sites, or from the literature. You will need to include a copy of the assessments in your behavior change paper. 3. Next, you will observe, record, and chart the target behavior, antecedents, and its’ consequences for five days. If the behavior is something that you are not currently doing, you can either record the times you thought of doing it but did not (and what they did instead) or note the occurrence of any competing/undesirable behaviors. This will help give you baseline data for your behavior change. 4. Develop your behavior modification goals and a least three objectives. Connect your goals to Healthy People 2020 ( and other state and national goals. List these national, state, and local goals and objectives specifically. Be sure to cite your sources. 5. Select a behavior change theory or theories to guide your intervention or modification program. Be able to support your selection of theory(ies) with at least three peer reviewed journal articles. • Part 3 – 6.Design a five-week intervention or modification program. Make sure you include the methods, strategies, and tools that will help you work through the behavior change process. Once I have approved the intervention, you will spend the next five weeks implementing the program. You should actively be working on your behavior modification program from Oct. 19-Nov. 22. 7. Provide an evaluation strategy using evaluation language as described in class. Include a logic model. • Part 4 – Due Nov. 18 8. Identify at least ten agencies (local, state, or nationally) that might assist with the health problem. List information found on a web site or from an agency including program names, contact people, addresses, phone numbers, and web sites. This information will serve a resource to the rest of class. 9. Provide a budget for the implementation of your program. Be sure to include rewards or incentives. 10. Develop a promotional tool that markets your approach to the public. This can be a double-sided three-fold pamphlet, a poster, or the creation of a mock web site, blog, etc…. Your promotional tool must contain accurate, reliable, and attractive information that would positively influence people to try your approach. • Final Project – Due Dec. 9 11. At the conclusion of the project, you will need to compile your work into a small binder. Provide a summary at the end of the project to discuss the results of your project. Include your evaluation of the project and make recommendations for future behavior change programs. Make sure you include your references at the end of the binder. All your work should be double-spaced and you should use 12-point font. Make sure your left margin is 1 ¼ “ so you can bind the copies without covering up any important information. As always, use APA format.

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