What control measures were implemented to prevent further spread?

Epidemiology. (Epidemiologic Investigation Report)
Creighton University School of Nursing
NUR 684: Epidemiology
Epidemiologic Investigation Report: Due in Week 15
An important component to any epidemiologic investigation is the final report that formally documents the process and pulls together all points of the investigation.
The information in Attachments A and B outlines the activities and findings from a Hepatitis A outbreak that occurred in the 1970s in Minneapolis Minnesota. For your final assignment Id like for you to use this information along with what youve learned throughout the semester to write the final report for the investigation. Keep in mind that some of the clinical or scientific information may be outdated so please update as you see fit.
Organize your paper by the following sections:
What circumstances led to the initiation of the investigation?
What was the setting in which the problem existed?
What methods were used in conducting the investigation?
Describe the data that was obtained from the studies conducted.
Describe the analysis of the data.
What did the analysis of the data reveal?
What control measures were implemented to prevent further spread?
Were there any inconsistencies in the information you have?
What additional information would have been helpful?
What are your recommendations for future disease surveillance and control?
In order to adequately reflect your investigation and findings you will need to include tables (and possibly graphs) in your paper. Create your own tables and graphs from the information provided in Attachments A and B.
Use at least two outside references to support the content of your report. Aside from your own supporting materials everything you need for your report is available in Attachments A and B.
Format your report in accordance with APA guidelines.
Including tables graphs and attachments youre report will likely be between 15 and 20 pages in length. Please properly cite your supporting materials and be sure to include a reference page at the end of your paper.

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