Why use a SWOT analysis and argue why this is good or bad and compare.

Mentoring Student Nurses as a guide into practice.
Order Description
Mentoring Student Nurses
Written at Maters level.
Harvard Referencing. And to incorporate journals and books and to remain in the UK as much as possible.
Mentoring strategies to prepare students for clinical practice.
Establishing work relationships.
How to plan out learning so the student would achieve their learning outcomes.
Assessment of accountability NMC
How to evaluate learning
Teaching skills.
Why use a SWOT analysis and argue why this is good or bad and compare.
Base this on the NMC (nursing and midwifery council) Standards To Support Learning and Assessment In Practice
Also use the Frances Report to refer to and use the Six Cs (Care Compassion Competence Communication Courage Commitment)
Use Learning styles and facilitation of learning.
Learning styles with student. In detail.
Analysis mentors teaching skills and techniques
Also analysis mentors barriers such as failing to fail Duffy 2003 and Failure to fail art and science Nursing Standard 2007 The Toxic Mentor who makes it difficult for the student to achieve their learning outcomes.
Use Scot I and Spouse J 2010 Practice Based Learning in Health and Social Care.
Use Principles of Practice assessment.
Facilitation of learning. For example use knowledge of the students stage of learning to select appropriate learning opportunities to meet individual needs and feedback.
Facilitation and selection of appropriate learning strategies to integrate learning from practice and academic experiences.
Assessment and accountability and how to provide feedback
Must use and compare to NMC Standards of Support learning and assessment in practice.
Mentors accountability in nursing practice and use NMC Code.
How a mentor should perform as teacher. (learning and assessing. )
Critically analysis in depth and map this out.
Barriers that can occur and why.
Some books that also must be used are as follows. Being an Effective Mentor Kathleen Feeney Jonson
2008 Nurse as Educator Susan B Bastable 2014 Mentoring Preceptor ship and Clinical Supervision. 2000 Mastering Mentorship Julie Baily- McHale and Donna Hart 2011 The Code: Standards of Conduct Performance and ethics for nurses and midwives . 2008.

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